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We are xbase developers as you are and we know how important is to choose the right tools to get the job done in time and with the best quality. Thats why our tools are the result of years of development, and the result of the feedback that we have received along the way. When you use our tools, you are choosing a great R+D team pushing your development to its best.

FiveWin has been helping so many companies to migrate from Clipper MsDos apps to Windows, turning into a robust and powerfull library, specially designed for the Clipper language, to use all the power that Harbour offers. With the source code that we deliver with it, you have the freedom to master it, and to fine tune the library to your own needs.

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A solution that suits your needs

Whether if you want to use Harbour or xHarbour, or if you want to develop 32 bits apps or prefer to go for 64 bits ones.

Or if you have already built your Windows app and now you are ready to develop your Linux or Mac OSX app, here at FiveTech we provide you all the tools you need, so you are not limited to a certain operating system and you get ready to satisfy your customers requirements.

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Tech support team always available

As developers, you and us have to focus on productivity and we can't loose precious time on debugging, thats why its so important to count with a first class tech support service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All included when you buy a product from us.

Join the large community of FiveWin developers and get the best tech support for xbase available today.

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Special offer: All our products and upgrades along six months

Become a FTDN user and get all our tools at a very affordable price. Get ready for Windows 32 and 64 development, Linux and Mac OSX, Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

For a limited time offer, FTDN users get all FiveTech products, including six months free upgrades and unlimited tech support. Enjoy our first class tech support service.

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A few words about us

Our commitment with the Clipper language, for so many years, pushed us to found the Harbour project. For over 12 years FiveTech has been helping software companies to become leaders in their areas.

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Steve Spencer

“Using FiveWin we have been able to achieve a level of quality and results in our xbase developments, that took our company to a real success”

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